Gengi - la selección natural

Gengi - the natural selection

An opportunity to give a message with facts and numbers, showing relations and links dinamically.

¿Estamos seguros de lo que sabemos? Si toda la ciencia debe verificarse, he aquí información inverosímil que al animarse se pone en juicio su veracidad, confrontando a quienes saben perfectamente cómo es que llegaron a este mundo, quién los creó y cuál es su aparente propósito, contra quienes creen que están al mando, pero nada saben sobre su existencia.

Are we sure of what we know? If all science must be verified, here is unlikely information which, when animated, puts its veracity to the test, confronting those who know perfectly how they came to this world, who created them and what their apparent aim is, against those who believe they are in charge, but who know nothing about their existence.

Gengi y Dulce DF

Gengi and Sweet DF