muestra de animaciones

animations show reel

Composition details, character and stage design, architectonic space atmosphere settings and compelling materials.

paseos arquitectónicos

architectural walkthroughs

Exterior and interior walkthroughs highlighting the visual auctions and main indoor spaces from architectural projects’ presentations.



In times of drought, the priest decides to start a flowery war to sacrifice a warrior to the god of rain.

zehshows libro digital

zehshows digital book

In short scenes, phrases and moments, two youngs share what is to live life in the digital world.



Videos showing adequate illumination, that makes the difference to get an optimal image or video.

¿lo compartirás?

will you share it?

A young man receives a mysterious message asking him to share a video, something unexpected happens.

Mike 2d

Mike 2d

A detailed explanation with simple words of how things that surrrounds us work.

gatos espaciales

space cats

A lunar landing with feline tenderness and an expected but shocking ending.



An infographic gives information in a quickly and clearly way, enhancing our visual ability to see patterns and trends.

zehshows dibuja mi vida

zehshows draw my life

A perspective to life and a funny point of view that invites to reflexion.

VR 360°

VR 360°

The opportunity to look around and object or project maximizes the experience and allows it to be seen all its angles.

tobogán mágico

magic toboggan

The holidays are coming, an ideal ocassion for the most fun will be a ride in a toboggan.

animación experimental

experimental animation

Animations that challenge physics and every concept we might have, so they can have their way.

mal reflejo

bad reflection

Walking through the woods a yeti finds a mirror, when he observes it, it will reflect his true nature.



In a videogame we want the story and graphic concept combine in a comprehensive idea.

fútbol voxel

voxel football

A fresh low polygonal look at the amazing stories of football soccer, to anecdotes, facts and football moments.

hora de helado

ice cream time

A young light bulb celebrates with his parents, he asks to buy ice cream for him and everything is perfect.



Different proffers of titles, spots, opening and closing sequences for many uses and media.

zehshows tweets animados

zehshows animated tweets

A moment that could not be told by words, now can be expressed with a sequence of images.

spot para Internet

internet spot

A capsule or spot is an ideal way to reach a large number of people, provided the message is precisely targetted.

visita México

visit Mexico

A huge diversity of choices: sports, culture, archaeology, adventure and more, inviting to enjoy this marvellous country.

zehshows lecciones de vida

zehshows life lessons

Three promotionals for Zeh showing different animation styles: vector modelling, cartoonish and realistic textures.



A girl talks to her teddy bears about the surprise she is making for dinner.

video conciencia social

social awareness video

Calling community action with a strong message can make a difference as part of an awareness campaign.

Gengi - la selección natural

Gengi - the natural selection

An opportunity to give a message with facts and numbers, showing relations and links dinamically.

recordando un sueño

remembering a dream

A girl’s travel to discover one of the most valuable treasures in life, friendship and dreaming.

zehshows breves

zehshows quickies

As life should be funny, these gags bring to life those moments we may remember forever.



Animated short film progress about the adventures in Mexico City of a group of heroes named “the pulquenauts”.

zehshows el hospital

zehshows the hospital

Illness may be around the corner, fortunately there is a doctor next to you, willing to help and take care.

proyecto Icnocuicatl

Icnocuicatl project

The journey by the world of the emaciated ones of a Nahuatl soldier.

videos animados de Minecraft

Minecraft animated videos

Life in cubes, a way to live and a way to share a generation’s game.

el fauno

the faun

The journey by the world of the emaciated ones of a Nahuatl soldier.

lago Igapó

Igapo lake

A robots group taking care of an important sector in a distant small planet, emphasizing teamwork.

selección natural

natural selection

Is differential reproducton of genotypes or adaptation to the environment from a single generation what makes a species survive?



In zehMX we are convinced that information is useful as we share and translate to the public expectations, as video is the main information and entertainment source on the Internet today.



We are a multidisciplinary animation workshop founded in 2004 in Mexico City. We are dedicated to give life to countless stories, ideas and characters with rich animations.